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Within this session we were able to look at ICT and how it is used across the curriculum to enhance all subjects. As ICT can be embedded into all subjects across the curriculum it is important to look at how it impacts upon the children’s learning. This can be seen through allowing children to work […]

After today’s session I felt a lot more confident in my knowledge of the terminology of computing. I have also been able to explore the BBC Bitesize website to consolidate and extend my own knowledge. It offers simple yet effective ways of exploring the different components within computing. I was also able to read the […]

Exploring computing

October 23, 2014 | 1 Comment

The third session of ICT has come quickly come around, it’s amazing how quickly 3rd year is going already. In today’s session we were able to look at the new National Curriculum, where ICT is now known as Computing. This shift in the curriculum allows for the development of children, and for them to be […]

Digital literacy is an important part of manipulating media and demonstrating to children the ability to combine media, and how it can be done in a meaningful way. The article expresses the idea of children using digital media to express their ideas and enrich their learning alongside other activities. The article focuses on Bridgewater primary […]

Apps, Apps and more apps

October 23, 2014 | 1 Comment

The start of the second week and our second session of ICT, and today we were looking at different apps on the iPad and how we can use them within the classroom. Helen introduced us to the idea of categorizing apps and how this can be done. She was able to show us that apps […]

After today’s session we were directed towards an interesting article; Do young children need access to computers as much as they need to play with sand and water?┬áby ┬áPreston, C. and Scott Baker, M.. The article firstly discussed the new National Curriculum which was brought in, in September 2014, and how ‘ICT’ is no longer […]

The start of the third and final year has arrived, and and our first session was ICT. I was pleased to see that our assignment for this was our blog, as I find blogging is a great tool to use and have, especially as most schools use blogs now to communicate with parents. The first […]