Should schools blog?

February 10, 2014 | 2 Comments

Blogging has been the single biggest impacting resource I have used in 11 years of teaching – transforming pupil engagement!

David Mitchell, Deputy Headteacher at Heathfield Primary School in Bolton.

Having first had my doubts about the use of blogs and how they work, through these ICT sessions at university my views have been warped, I love blogging! I think it provides one of the best stimulus for teachers, parents and children to keep up to date, as well as providing an opportunity for creativity to be explored. I could sit here for hours explaining why schools should blog, but I feel these children can do a better job;

We were also able to enjoy an art session at Uni with seven children from a local school coming in to take part with us. The teacher who came with them was able to discuss with us the use of blogging within their school and how successful it has been. The blog can be found here. Parents are able to access this throughout the day to see what their little cherubs are up to, it is a convenient way for this to occur especially a most are busy working. It is also a useful tool for children to be able to recap what they have been learning.

There are many positives relating to blogging and the uses it has within schools and the curriculum:

  • downloadTo celebrate pupils’ learning and achievements.
  • To provide real audience and purpose for children’s writing across the curriculum.
  • To promote standards in literacy and facilitate peer review.
  • To develop safe opportunities to collaborate with other schools and outside experts.
  • To encourage the wider community to get involved in the work of your school.
  • To offer visitors a ‘window’ into the everyday excellence that takes in your school.
  • To distribute the workload of maintaining a website more evenly across the school staff.
  • To give a platform for pupil voice to be heard and developed.
  • To allow stakeholders such as governors or parents’ groups to participate in the school’s web presence.
  • To provide a secure and authentic environment through which children can explore and learn about the world of digital literacy.


I have found it difficult to find many negatives relating to the world of blogging in schools. However I have been able to find a few;


  • Takes time to keep a blog updated
  • Some parents may not have access to the internet
  • Not all blogs are private so this could cause a conflict in confidentiality




Although these may occur I still feel that the positives out way the negatives and that blogging is an incredibly valuable resource to any school and classroom. It is something I will definitely be using in the future with my own class.



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  1.    Sarah B on February 20, 2014 9:44 am      Reply

    I really like the idea of blogging in the classroom and as a parent it is great to see what my children have been up to. I do however agree that parents without internet access could miss out. Those who are not computer confident could also miss out too. I do think the positives outweigh the negatives though.

  2.    Katie on February 20, 2014 2:36 pm      Reply

    I completely agree with you, I think blogging in a classroom would be fantastic and would have so many benefits to the children, and their families.

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