The use of ICT is common across the curriculum in today’s schools. I was fortunate enough to be able to have an art lesson which focused around the use of ICT in an art session using the Ipad and music to set the scene. The lesson focused on us listening to a piece of music and as this was playing we were asked to draw how it made us feel. Half the class were using charcoal and chalk to create the picture while the other half were asked to use the apps which were on the Ipad. We were then asked to share our pictures with someone who had used different materials. It was interesting to see how different the pictures were and how the ICT had impacted on the way some people had drawn. I was using the charcoal and chalk and found this very simple and easy to use. I felt that I may have struggled to use the Ipad in this instance as I am not familiar with the way it works or how to use the apps we were asked to. However when I spoke to Hayley E who had used the Ipad she said it was simple to use and it was easy to get to grips with the way the app worked to create the desired effect.  This type of activity can be easily replicated in any Early Years or Key Stage 1 setting. Children of today’s generation are familiar with the technology that is around  so may be able to work with the Ipad on an individual basis.

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