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Today we talked about, looked at and tried out different games which can be used in the classroom. In today’s school classrooms children are not very familiar with lots of different types of games as they are not commonly used within a classroom situation. We discussed, as a group, the general views about gaming and how we all felt about using them in the classroom. Personally I think that within the early years children should be allowed to access appropriate  games on the Internet with free use of the computers during free flow play, however I do feel the games we looked at for example rock band and the Nintendo Wii should be used sparingly and as class treats as some children may find it difficult to share and they do not provide a heavy stimulus for learning. I feel this is because they have been designed to allow children to play, which is normal in an early years setting but placing them in front of a computer screen or television to play a game does not allow them to explore their surroundings and become active learners.






Playing games allows children to explore a different world, the world of technology is ever growing fast children need to learn how to deal with this as the generation we knee in is a technological one. Games such as the Wii and rock band allow children to be active in their learning in a different way as they explore and confer to the screen and the rules of the game.

The Nintendo DS has many different types of games that can be used within the classroom. Similarly to other games that have been discussed I feel these should be used rarely and as an incentive for children to try their best. The games we were able to look at and explore were Nintendogs, and brain training. I found the brain training game to be quite challenging on a personal level as the questions got me to think more than I have had to for a while. With this said I feel this game would be useful in allowing chilren to develop thier mental maths skills. I think it would be highly challenging for a child in the Early Years to be able to use the brain training game so if I was to use this in the classroom I would proably start using it with children in year 2. This is because they are more advanced in their maths skills. The Nintendogs game can be used with children of any age as it was quite simple to use and fun. It would give children the chance to be independent as you have to take care of and train your own dog.



A blog that I found; Digital tools for teachers   offers a range of different games that can help with brain training. These not only include the ones made by Dr Kawashima but ones that are available online and are more stimulating for the younger children who may find ‘brain training’ useful for their development.

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  1.    Hayley on March 31, 2013 12:06 pm      Reply

    I also think it can be beneficial for children to have access to computers in their free flow play!

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