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Today we learned about how to use a programme called Monkey Jam. It is a free downloadable resource which allows you to create a picture movie with sound. When it was being explained to us by Steve, the IT technician, I thought that it would be simple and easy to use and when I was able to try the programme out for myself I found this to be true. To create a series of pictures you need to make small movements with the toys or characters that are being used and capture them with a web-cam. Steve mentioned that it is important to have a lot of images as for every 12 pictures taken there is only one second of footage created. Then I  thought that it would be a long process to create a film, but when we were able to make our own I felt that my judgement had been wrong and it did not take very long to get a lot of pictures. Steve mentioned that similar programmes had been used to create the programme Wallace and Gromit and Morph which I found quite interesting.

I enjoyed using the programme as it was very simple and easy to use, it is also easy to use when working in a group as each person can have a job to do. The film I created with my group was at a disco with a simple routine using 3 characters; a bagpipe player, a red Indian and Peter Pan. They were doing a simple dance routine and were then rudely interrupted by a spider who scared them all away. We were able to capture all the images we needed for the video but we did not have enough time to add music and sound so I am unsure of how to do this part, however when we uploaded the video to YouTube we were able to add music in this way. Below is the short animation my group made;




This is a screen shot taken from the monkey jam website which shows the programme and how it works. The first column shows the pictures and allows you to see how many you have taken and the sequence of the pictures. The second column is the second layer of the movie which is the audio or sound that you want to add.

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  1.    Emily on April 2, 2013 2:09 pm      Reply

    I also enjoyed using the programme and had the same worries when Steve explained about the frames beforehand. Definitely something good to use in the classroom

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