1938 Carriage – From Panel to Table

In the manner of introducing elements sympathetic to the interior, the form and finish of features from the original 1938 stock tube car have inspired the design of new fittings. The doorway partitions located at each entrance onto the train have appealing curves and a delicate relief. Discarding only the glass screen and it’s wooden surround, the rest of the panel has been reconfigured to create the tables for the aisle seating in the central section of the train.

From Panel To Table 2

The tables are made up of the wooden teal coloured base with it’s relief arc forms and curved handrail, but turned on the side to create a table surface.

The long vertical hand rail with upper moulded arced pediment, has been turned up on end to form the support for the table. The long pole extends up to secure to the ceiling and the table is fastened to the side wall.

From Panel To Table 3


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