Installations Within The Space

The station provides a distinctive and intriguing interior, with a confluence of disproportionate angular and tubular spaces. The irregularity of these spaces makes for difficult configuration; but it is this that makes the structure so interesting.

The layered composition is a contrast between vast and confined areas. Four, obscure “L”-shaped horizontal levels; two above and two below street level are linked by four vertical cylindrical shafts which comprise one working lift shaft, two disused lift shafts and a spiral staircase.

The lowermost level has two platforms each extending 76 meters, some 33 meters below street level.  Wheelchair and pushchair access will be via a hydraulic lift between all levels down to platform level.  The platforms will be occupied by the Galleries and Exhibition to make use of the expansive proportions, sweeping arced ceilings and the historic architectural features.

The gift shop will be situated at the far end of the East platform. The 1938 “Tube” refreshment car will be on the West Track, and public conveniences will be required somewhere on this level.

The four approach tunnels will display exhibits yet to be decided upon. The “Holographic Talking Wall” will snake along one of the longer approach tunnels.

The lift shafts will house the immersive experiences; a 4D Immersive Cinema and an Acoustic Resonance Chamber.

Further “experiences” may be inserted on other levels within the lift shafts. While the whole lower concourse will be dedicated to a variety of motion “ride” simulators.

Entry will be gained via the quieter and wider Surrey Street entrance. Where once was a shop, there will be a communal café and the Strand side will have the “Gallery of Urban Life”, both viewable from the street.

The first floor will be used for creative and learning activities, with art and performance studios and an IT suite. There will be an indoor “Dig For Victory” allotment situated by the East Facing window.

Aldwych Axonometric Programming Annotated 2

First Floor Creative Studios

Indoor Allotment

IT Suite

Ground Floor/Street Level Entrance (Surrey Street)

Gallery of Urban Life

Coffee Shop

Lower Concourse Ride Simulators

Lift Shafts 4D Immersive Cinema

Acoustic Resonance Chamber

Approach Tunnel Holographic Talking Wall

East Platform War Art Gallery / Exhibition Space

Gift Shop

West Platform War and Technology Gallery

Refreshment Train Tea Room

Image: Programming Diagram – by Dawn Burgum

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