Why Aldwych Station?

Following visits to a number of museums and extensive research of other world war related experiences, children’s learning centres and youth groups and associations; an idea was born to fuse all of these elements together to create a “Blitz” World War II Children’s Learning Experience Centre.


As London was so crucially involved during the Blitz it seems fitting to locate a site somewhere in the city. With Aldwych Station having such an intimate history during the wars, having been used as an underground air raid shelter, it seemed an apt location for the project.

The station served very little use during its life, and discarded twenty years ago, Blitzperience will bring back this lost building and give it new life.


The Strand area has a long theatrical history and incorporating theatre and the arts into the experience became an important element.

Rather than following the conformist route of most museums and exhibition centres, whereby information is generally delivered via visual and audio cues; the plan was to create an experience to stimulate all of the senses.


Blitzperience will be a place of learning delivered by immersive technology, combined with a means of creatively re-imagining and re-living historic events that happened to ordinary people.

Aldwych Station is itself such a unique space that to assign the building with such an unconventional use seems appropriate. This building finally deserves its place in the spotlight.


Images: Lincolnsfield Children’s Centre – by Greenway Primary and Nursery School

London, circa 1950 – by Chalmers Butterfield

Six Senses Icon – Anon.

Surrey Street Entrance Walking Towards The Strand – by Dawn Burgum

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