Selecting A Suitable Site …

Selecting an appropriate site has been directed towards historic sites with historic links with the Blitz.



Sites considered include –

• Abandoned Military Bases / Airfields

• Abandoned Underground Stations

• Neglected Thames Estuary Sea Forts

• Discarded Air Raid Shelters

• Disused Aircraft Hangars

• Derelict Train Stations

• Disused Train Tunnels

• Deserted Tram Tunnels



With the threat of losing iconic examples of London’s underground architectural history, the Blitzperience project could provide an opportunity to reawaken a part of London that seldom few have ever seen.

The aim is to not just resurrect a building, but to impart a new lease of life; giving it a real purpose.


Images: Top – Shivering Sands Army Fort, Thames Estuary – by droidballoon on reddit

Bottom – Clapham North Deep Level Shelter – by Silent UK

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