Welcome to my BA Interior Design academic journal.  This blog will document the stages of my progress as I undertake my final major project entitled “Detail”.   

The first item on the agenda is to select a site.  I have considered a number of locations; Great Linford Manor and Grounds; The Point, Milton Keynes; Wolverton Agora; The Bowl Re-Development, Milton Keynes; Old Eurostar Terminal at Waterloo International Station; BBC Television Centre; A collection of permanently moored barges perhaps for a homeless community housing project; a Wolverton Train Shed.

I am prone to being a little ambitious, and brave with my project choices, and this occasion is no exception.  I hope to resurrect and convert one of the many abandoned and largely forgotten London Underground Stations, of which I believe there are around 40.


I have had a few ideas for the stations intended new purpose…..perhaps some sort of entertainment complex; an underground secret garden or a subterranean hotel or restaurant, possibly with a 1940’s feel.  It could be some sort of experience; a (Ghost) Tour, an Underground Edwardian Amusement Park or Theatre; or a themed visitor centre.  But I would like the venue to be….




& FUN!

The notion I have is to create an “Interactive World War II Education Centre for Children”, and to my knowledge this would be the first of it’s kind.

This Way to the Air Raid Shelter 1

For nearly 6 years many of London’s Underground platforms and tunnels were used as public air raid shelters.  Re-creating this experience seems an apt use to demonstrate and educate children of what it would have been like at the time.  The Second World War is covered by the National Curriculum to some extent by nearly all school ages, from infant school to sixth form.

The biggest initial obstacle will be obtaining architectural drawings and plans for any of these underground stations; if I can then
I believe this might be an exciting venture.

So, now to start researching………..

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