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Staring to Edit

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I have started to edit the interviews by listening through them and noting down the time stamp of interesting sound bites and a short description to make later editing  in protools a quicker process:

Soundscape Recording

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The two main soundscapes I chose to do from the interviews were:   1. A Sherlock Holmes soundscape set in Victorian London. 2. A Hobbit soundscape set in the Bag End when the Dwarves come to visit.   For the Holmes soundscape it became apparent that I would need to record some very specific sounds […]

Sex, Media and a Weasley

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Interesting article in the Guardian that I feel relates slightly to my project. It focuses on how fan fiction is one way in which teenagers are appropriating mainstream culture to fit their experience of the world – taking one source and interpreting it differently to other readers based of their life experiences. While also attempting […]

I felt this was relevant to what my project is exploring

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  “You can have a very intense relationship with fictional characters because they are in your own head.” ― J.K. Rowling ‘You may marry him or murder him or do whatever you like with him,’” – Arthur Conan Doyle on Holmes   and to show how fans can reinterpret and add their own creativity to established […]

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