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Update on ideas…

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Title: Part of your world Pitch: A 9-15 minute audio project that combines interviews and fantasy soundscapes in an attempt to give a physical reality to their personal interpretation while also exploring fan interaction with fiction and reclaiming of narratives as modern folk tales from commercial institutions . Theorists: Amanda Whelehan Inspiration: Dreaming Dickens  

I started to investigate different theories on interaction and adaptation…

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I started by thinking about the different ways people interact with narratives. There are categories of physical methods of interaction such as fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, cosplay etc… I also investigated how individuals directly interact with narratives through the¬†aforementioned methods. With this in mind, after some research, I condensed all the ways people relate to fiction […]

I started to think about what kind of project I wanted to do…

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From this brain storm I decided to focus on how people relate and interact with their favourite narratives. I will combine interviews with soundscapes as to give an insight into how each person personally interprets the story, this will also link in with the theoretical underpinning of fanfiction and other fan interactions reclaiming narratives for […]

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