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Search for Interviewees

To find suitable interviewees from a wide range of backgrounds with varying interests I posted the following message on social networking sites that have a large amount of fandom activity on them such as and


Last year I needed some interviewee’s to help me do a mock-umentary and tumblr rose fantastically to the occasion, with the resulting audio piece (no video) being this.

I am now in my third and final year at Northampton University and  I am hoping to do another audio piece that focuses on peoples relationship with different narratives.

  • Is there a particular book, film or show that changed your life?
  • Do you write fanfiction or make fanvideos and would like to talk about why you do so and what kind of topics and messages you are addressing?
  • Would you be willing to share what goes on in your imagination when you read or watch your favorite story?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then I need you! I would love to have representatives from a large selection of fandoms, so if you would like the stories that you love focused on do get in touch.

Please reblog and if you are interested in taking part reblog with a message or pop me a message in my ask. If you are in the UK (especially around the home counties/london/northampton/buckinghamshire).

The piece will be hoping to look at fanfiction as a modern folk tale and as reclaiming narratives for the people from capitalist co-corporations. In other words, it will be very pro-fanfiction and fandom activity – I will not be judgmental and understand how fandom works.

If you are interested in any of my other pieces, in case you want to check me out to check this is legit, then here are some links:

A victorian soundscape built from scratch – I intend to create soundscapes around the fandoms I focus on.

A surrealist short film that has inspiration from several fandoms

Soundscape for buffy – more fandom stuff, I took a few scenes from buffy that had all of the sound removed and created a soundscape that would be broadcast worthy

(Don’t contact me via youtube as I no longer use that account).


I received 5 replies, only 3 of them lead to interviews. By emailing other personal contacts I more than doubled the amount of interviews recorded.

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