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Because my interview was structured as a semi reflexive interview, as to allow the interviewee to lead the interview (as it is an exploration of their relationship and interpretation of their favourite narrative it would be inappropriate for me to lead the interview) I did not have a strict interview script. Instead I relied upon a list of possible prompt questions to help the interview flow, but most of my questions were on the spot reactions to what the interviewee had disclosed to me.


Prompt Sheet:


Can you tell me about your favourite book/tvshow/movie…?

What first attracted you to that particular story?

How do you interact with that story?

How do you participate in fandom?

What is it that draws you to that particular activity?

Can you tell me about what you portray in your drawings/writing and why?

How does participation in fandom make you feel? Why do you do it?

How has the show changed/formed you as a person?

How do you relate to the characters?

How do you feel when you are reading/watching?

If you could be anywhere in…doing anything – what would you be doing? Could you describe that scene to me?

What has … taught you?

What is your favourite and most meaningful quote? Why did you chose that quote?

Do you ever look to the characters for guidance in everyday life? Could you tell me about an example?



I used these prompts as a rough guide but as people a very open when talking about their favourite topic they weren’t needed much to keep the interview going.

Because of the enthusiastic and insightful responses received from the seven interviewees my final piece will probably be towards the higher end of my initial time limit as over 1 hour of interviews were recorded.

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