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My Final Piece

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Soundcloud: Part Of Your World   Youtube:


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Today I created the audio tracks that would be played as back ground music during my piece. I created 5 different compositions, one serving as a main theme and another that was a slightly different variation of the main theme, one sad, one optimistic and one that set an expectant pace. These covered the main […]


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As the interviews were guiding the soundscapes and setting the pace of the piece it seemed logical to create them first. Each speaker was placed on an individual audio track. This was done so that if their recording needed to be put through the equaliser to remove any back ground noises and reduce background hiss […]

Staring to Edit

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I have started to edit the interviews by listening through them and noting down the time stamp of interesting sound bites and a short description to make later editing  in protools a quicker process:


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I recorded in two countys over several weeks to get all the sounds required to create two distinct audio landscapes.   Northampton: Olde England – a medieval themed pub, wooden floors.                   Elegant Carriages – Horses with carriages and chickens Northampton Town Center Market – Market and Crowd […]

Location Sound Recordings

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Due to the large amount of on location sounds I recorded I put all usable sounds into a table: (The use section was filled out by hand during editing and is included in the production folder).   Number Name Description Use 1 DR-100_1188 horse   2 DR-100_1189 horse   3 DR-100_1190 Horse   4 DR-100_1192 horse yard […]

Soundscape Recording

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The two main soundscapes I chose to do from the interviews were:   1. A Sherlock Holmes soundscape set in Victorian London. 2. A Hobbit soundscape set in the Bag End when the Dwarves come to visit.   For the Holmes soundscape it became apparent that I would need to record some very specific sounds […]

Interview Recordings

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As over an hour of interviews were recorded the information needed to be assembled into a table to help keep track of the different specs.   Name Date Subject Take Length Info Use Carissa Sarl Revett November 25th 2012 Harry Potter 1 19 seconds Interviewer mistake No       2 2.18 Small back ground […]

Questions/ Interview Prompts

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Because my interview was structured as a semi reflexive interview, as to allow the interviewee to lead the interview (as it is an exploration of their relationship and interpretation of their favourite narrative it would be inappropriate for me to lead the interview) I did not have a strict interview script. Instead I relied upon […]

Search for interviewees

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Search for Interviewees To find suitable interviewees from a wide range of backgrounds with varying interests I posted the following message on social networking sites that have a large amount of fandom activity on them such as and   Last year I needed some interviewee’s to help me do a mock-umentary and tumblr […]