Sex, Media and a Weasley

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Interesting article in the Guardian that I feel relates slightly to my project. It focuses on how fan fiction is one way in which teenagers are appropriating mainstream culture to fit their experience of the world – taking one source and interpreting it differently to other readers based of their life experiences. While also attempting to communicate these ideas with others.

The best quote has to be:

“Fan fiction is making teenagers better writers and better satirists, and allowing them to explore sexuality in a way decided by them rather than dictated by the entertainment industry. A purity ring doesn’t carry much meaning when Ron Weasley is pulling it off with his teeth.”

Moving on from that particular vivid piece of imagery, another interesting idea is:

“But if anything, most fan fiction is a rejection of Rihanna and EL James’s leather-bound version of sexuality.”

This ties in with my idea of fan culture being Marxism in action.

The full article can be read here

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