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I felt this was relevant to what my project is exploring

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  “You can have a very intense relationship with fictional characters because they are in your own head.” ― J.K. Rowling ‘You may marry him or murder him or do whatever you like with him,’” – Arthur Conan Doyle on Holmes   and to show how fans can reinterpret and add their own creativity to established […]

Practisioners – 1

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Street of the Candlesticks – city night project An audio diary written from a window above a cobbled Brussels street. It is written by one of 360 documentary’s listeners for the City Nights Project where the audience was asked to to contribute  tales of their city after dark. It uses simple soundscapes to create images of the […]


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This quote made me think about the possibility of including readings of interviewees favourite quotes and lines from their favourite fictional narrative as a reflection upon themselves rather than the story. It also reminds of a quote (from my least favourite episode oddly enough) from BBC Sherlock: “Do you know the big problem with a […]

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Inspiration 2

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Dreaming Dickens is a creative piece by the BBC that explores one narrator’s relationship with the long dead author and his works. I intend to explore the relationship between an interviewee’s relationship with a fictional narrative. As the narrator explores London now and in Dickens’ time an audio landscape is built up as the narrator descibes what she […]


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One of the audio collections that I intended to use as inspiration for my piece is the Hackney Podcast I like how they build the audio landscapes around what the interviewees are talking about. The 3rd podcast – sound design, is the best example of these techniques.