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Part Of Your World




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Today I created the audio tracks that would be played as back ground music during my piece.

I created 5 different compositions, one serving as a main theme and another that was a slightly different variation of the main theme, one sad, one optimistic and one that set an expectant pace.

These covered the main emotions I wanted to convey in my piece.

To create them I used; Midi tracks on Protools and composed with a keyboard, and I used compilations of loops on garage band.

Midi Session











Garage Band Session
















I then exported the files as mp3s’ and imported them into the main Protools session, where they were edited them into the narrative as backing tracks.














I have now completed my first draft of the project. I intend to host a viewing of my project and give out gather feed back on how to improve my final piece.


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As the interviews were guiding the soundscapes and setting the pace of the piece it seemed logical to create them first.

Each speaker was placed on an individual audio track. This was done so that if their recording needed to be put through the equaliser to remove any back ground noises and reduce background hiss then each section wouldn’t have to be found individually. Instead an effect could be applied to the whole track. It also allowed me to easily be able to place each individual within a space by applying a panning effect to the whole track, so that the speaker would always be speaking from the same location within the sonic soundscape. To keep the piece interesting the speakers were intersected with one another. This allowed a narrative to be constructed and opinions to be directly contrasted or built upon and followed up by what other interviewees had to say.



I started up new Protools sessions for each new soundscape as to avid overloading the CPU. Most of the sounds used were recorded on location or Foley sound effects. However, some were downloaded from royalty free websites such as Soundjay or downloaded from youtube.



The soundscapes were built up layer by layer and attempted to tell a story. A sense of space and movement was created in the piece by use of the panning effect which places sounds to the left or the right and volume which places sounds near or far.



 Once completed the soundscape was bounced to disk and then imported into the main protools session with the interviews. The soundscapes were then built into the interviews, quietly starting during the soundbite that introduced them and slowing building up to take center stage.


The next step is to start creating Midi music tracks to be used as backing tracks to the interview which reflect the mood of the piece.

Staring to Edit

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I have started to edit the interviews by listening through them and noting down the time stamp of interesting sound bites and a short description to make later editing  in protools a quicker process:


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I recorded in two countys over several weeks to get all the sounds required to create two distinct audio landscapes.



Olde England – a medieval themed pub, wooden floors.










Elegant Carriages – Horses with carriages and chickens

Northampton Town Center Market – Market and Crowd sounds




The White Swan – Old pub, stone floors


The Raj – restaurant

Coombe Farm and Coombe Lodge – Horses and Dogs

(no image)






Location Sound Recordings

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Due to the large amount of on location sounds I recorded I put all usable sounds into a table:

(The use section was filled out by hand during editing and is included in the production folder).


Number Name Description Use
1 DR-100_1188 horse  
2 DR-100_1189 horse  
3 DR-100_1190 Horse  
4 DR-100_1192 horse yard  
5 DR-100_1193 horse yard  
6 DR-100_1197 horse run – wind and road bad  
7 DR-100_1198 horse run  
8 DR-100_1204 busy indoors kids (mcD)  
9 DR-100_1206 Outdoor -sidewalk  
10 DR-100_1200 horse breath – road bad  
11 DR-100_1206 outdoorsidewalk  
12 DR-100_1209 crowd  
13 DR-100_1210 market  
14 DR-100_1211 street singer  
15 DR-100_1212 street singer  
16 DR-100_1213 Street  
17 DR-100_1214 street  
18 DR-100_1217 dining place better  
19 DR-100_1218 quite crowd  
20 DR-100_1220 working – bad wind  
21 DR-100_1221 pram – bad wind  
22 DR-100_1223 chains  
23 DR-100_1224 street seller lady chant  
24 DR-100_1226 bell  
25 DR-100_1227 clocktower  
26 DR-100_1228 pub  
27 DR-100_1229 Pub  
28 DR-100_1230 Pub – tv sound no
29 DR-100_1231 pub  
30 DR-100_1233 till  
31 DR-100_1236 pub  
32 DR-100_1238 Pub dogs  
33 DR-100_1240 Dogsbark –  
34 DR-100_1241 Dogbark  
35 DR-100_1244 work – bad road  
36 DR-100_1245 wheelbarrow  
37 DR-100_1248 restaurant (the raj)  
38 DR-100_1249 serving (the raj)  
29 DR-100_1251 bar drinks (the raj)  
40 DR-100_1252 bar drinks (the raj) omni  
41 DR-100_1253 Subliminal messaging works  
42 DR-100_1255 accent talking (the raj)  
43 DR-100_1256 talking (the raj)  
44 DR-100_1257 talking (the raj)  
45 DR-100_1259 plates being cleared, laughing  
46 DR-100_1260 plates cleared, talking  
47 DR-100_1261 doors close  
48 DR-100_1263 plate drops  
49 DR-100_1264 walking, cars (problem)  
50 DR-100_1266 door (into garden)  
51 DR-100_1268 horse on conncrete  trot-omni  
52 DR-100_1269 horse concrete odd trot – omni  
53 DR-100_1270 horse concrete trot  
54 DR-100_1271 horse concrete walk  
55 DR-100_1272 horse concrete uni  
56 DR-100_1273 horse trot  
57 DR-100_1275 dogs bark in house, knock  
58 DR-100_1276 boil water  
59 DR-100_1277 boiling water – good  
60 DR-100_1278 boiling water  
61 DR-100_1279 Boiling water uni  
62 DR-100_1280 wheelbarrow  
63 000402_1304 Chickens  
64 000402_1305 gravel footsteps  
65 000402_1306 – gravel No – voices
66 000402_1307 – walk on, gate open  
67 000402_1308 trot tarmac  
68 000402_1309 trot with carriage  
69 000402_1310 slow to walk with c  
70 000402_1311 loud trot, sheep  
71 000402_1312 slow quite carriage  
72 000402_1313 Horse and carriage  
73 000402_1314 step  
74 000402_1315 Car background NO
75 000402_1316 Trot to me  
76 000402_1317 slow walk  
77 000402_1318 walk past  
78 000402_1319 trot in carriage, carriage rumble  
79 000403_1320 slow  
90 000403_1321 carriage  
91 000403_1322 h and c  
92 000403_1323 wooo steady  
93 000403_1324 h and c  
94 000403_1325 talk to horse  
95 000403_1326 into tunnel  
96 000403_1327 tunnel out  
97 000403_1328 mum and kid tunnel walk  
98 000403_1329 horse come towards thru tunnel  
99 000403_1330 horse tunnel  
100 000403_1331 tunnel trot No – wind
101 000403_1332 trot road  
102 000403_1333 loud trot, change of pace  
103 000403_1334 fast  
104 000403_1335 short No too short
105 000403_1336 trot past on road maybe tunnel  
106 000403_1337 loud tortting  
107 000403_1338 trot on dirt track  
108 000403_1339 stableyard walk  
109 000403_1340 carriage  
110 000403_1341 talk  
111 000403_1342 in and out carriage  
112 000403_1343 in and out carriage  
113 000403_1344 unhitch  
114 000403_1345 around carriage sounds  
115 000403_1346 around carriage sounds  
116 000416_1399 market call evening standard. strand  
117 000416_1400 newspaper call  
118 000416_1402 footstep  
119 000416_1403 market sounds  
120 000416_1404 market sounds  
121 000416_1406 background chat  
122 000416_1408 fiddle and bells  
123 000416_1409 loud fiddle  
124 000416_1410 wet footsteps  
125 000416_1412 sign wind creak  
126 000416_1415 wet walk footsteps talk  
127 000416_1416 wet walk footsteps talk2  
128 000416_1417 raining  
129 000416_1418 fiddles, raining, footsteps, distant  


Soundscape Recording

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The two main soundscapes I chose to do from the interviews were:


1. A Sherlock Holmes soundscape set in Victorian London.

2. A Hobbit soundscape set in the Bag End when the Dwarves come to visit.


For the Holmes soundscape it became apparent that I would need to record some very specific sounds – such as the sounds of horse drawn carriages.

A quick google search for horse drawn carriages in the Northampton are led me to:

Here is a record of my email conversations with elegant carriages:


From: Kay Medcalf <>

Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2013 21:38:56 +0000

To: <>

Subject: Recording House and Carriage


Dear Sir/Madam

I am studying Media Production at Northampton University and one of my projects is it recreate a victorian urban soundscape through the use of sound alone. For this I need to record the sound of a horse and carriage and was wondering if you could be of assistance in this? Is there any chance of me coming down sometime during the week with some equiptment when you are exercising or training the horses to do some recording? If this was possible I would be very greatful.

Kind Regards,

Kay Medcalf

Subject: Re: Recording House and Carriage
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 10:42:12 +0000

Dear Kay,

Thank you for your enquiry and sounds interesting!

You are welcome to come over to our yard on this Friday at 11am when we shall be exercising to record your sound piece.

Let us know if this is a convenient time for you.

Kind regards,

Elegant Carriages Ltd

New Leaf Farm
Church Street
NN11 6XN

Tel; 07968 211110

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From: Kay Medcalf <>

Date: Mon,14 Jan 2013 11:23:37 +0000

To: <>

Subject: RE: Recording Horse and Carriage


To Lisa

11am this Friday would be brilliant.

Thank you so much.

Kind Regards,


Subject: Re: Recording Horse and Carriage
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2013 15:15:14 +0000

Hi Kay,

Just to say that it is probably best to bring your wellies tomorrow as with all the rain we have had, everywhere is a little muddy!

Look forward to seeing you at 11am and should you require directions when you come into the village, just drop me a line on my mobile Tel; 07968 211110.

Kind regards,

Elegant Carriages Ltd

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The recording occurred on Friday the 18th Jan and lasted a couple of hours.



Interview Recordings

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As over an hour of interviews were recorded the information needed to be assembled into a table to help keep track of the different specs.


Name Date Subject Take Length Info Use
Carissa Sarl Revett November 25th 2012 Harry Potter 1 19 seconds Interviewer mistake No
      2 2.18 Small back ground noises Yes
      3 8.35 Fan fiction talk Yes
    Sherlock Holmes 1 18.13   Yes
    Foley- Violin Music 1 2.28 Made up as went along – non copy right Yes
      2 39 seconds repetitive  
      3 12 seconds Speak No
      4 15 seconds Bad No
      5 7 seconds Plucking  
      6 3.13 Not copyright as music for exams?  
      7 26 seconds Sad but quick  
      8 46 seconds Copyrighted?  
Lorna Jowett 10th December 2012 Buffy the vampire slayer 1 8.10 Feminism, collection, shaped academic ident. Maybe
Jasmine Shadrack 11th December 2012 V for Vendetta (graphic novel) 1 11.51 Marxism, subjective, interacting, interpretation. Bad background noise (really noisy) YES
Niki Vandersen 13th December 2012 The Birthday Boys 1 5.46 Felt cold while reading, thinking about it after the book. Different interpretation (towards end) Yes
J Gierson 15th December 2012 The Hobbit 1 13.52 Gender and race  
      2 12.55 Imaginaton  
Fern Bailey 29th December 2012 Life on Mars 1 08.02 Dressing up  
      2 2.54 Meeting people yes

Questions/ Interview Prompts

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Because my interview was structured as a semi reflexive interview, as to allow the interviewee to lead the interview (as it is an exploration of their relationship and interpretation of their favourite narrative it would be inappropriate for me to lead the interview) I did not have a strict interview script. Instead I relied upon a list of possible prompt questions to help the interview flow, but most of my questions were on the spot reactions to what the interviewee had disclosed to me.


Prompt Sheet:


Can you tell me about your favourite book/tvshow/movie…?

What first attracted you to that particular story?

How do you interact with that story?

How do you participate in fandom?

What is it that draws you to that particular activity?

Can you tell me about what you portray in your drawings/writing and why?

How does participation in fandom make you feel? Why do you do it?

How has the show changed/formed you as a person?

How do you relate to the characters?

How do you feel when you are reading/watching?

If you could be anywhere in…doing anything – what would you be doing? Could you describe that scene to me?

What has … taught you?

What is your favourite and most meaningful quote? Why did you chose that quote?

Do you ever look to the characters for guidance in everyday life? Could you tell me about an example?



I used these prompts as a rough guide but as people a very open when talking about their favourite topic they weren’t needed much to keep the interview going.

Because of the enthusiastic and insightful responses received from the seven interviewees my final piece will probably be towards the higher end of my initial time limit as over 1 hour of interviews were recorded.

Search for interviewees

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Search for Interviewees

To find suitable interviewees from a wide range of backgrounds with varying interests I posted the following message on social networking sites that have a large amount of fandom activity on them such as and


Last year I needed some interviewee’s to help me do a mock-umentary and tumblr rose fantastically to the occasion, with the resulting audio piece (no video) being this.

I am now in my third and final year at Northampton University and  I am hoping to do another audio piece that focuses on peoples relationship with different narratives.

  • Is there a particular book, film or show that changed your life?
  • Do you write fanfiction or make fanvideos and would like to talk about why you do so and what kind of topics and messages you are addressing?
  • Would you be willing to share what goes on in your imagination when you read or watch your favorite story?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then I need you! I would love to have representatives from a large selection of fandoms, so if you would like the stories that you love focused on do get in touch.

Please reblog and if you are interested in taking part reblog with a message or pop me a message in my ask. If you are in the UK (especially around the home counties/london/northampton/buckinghamshire).

The piece will be hoping to look at fanfiction as a modern folk tale and as reclaiming narratives for the people from capitalist co-corporations. In other words, it will be very pro-fanfiction and fandom activity – I will not be judgmental and understand how fandom works.

If you are interested in any of my other pieces, in case you want to check me out to check this is legit, then here are some links:

A victorian soundscape built from scratch – I intend to create soundscapes around the fandoms I focus on.

A surrealist short film that has inspiration from several fandoms

Soundscape for buffy – more fandom stuff, I took a few scenes from buffy that had all of the sound removed and created a soundscape that would be broadcast worthy

(Don’t contact me via youtube as I no longer use that account).


I received 5 replies, only 3 of them lead to interviews. By emailing other personal contacts I more than doubled the amount of interviews recorded.