Can this app morf its way into the Curriculum?


Posted by Shane | Posted in Animations, Mobile Technology | Posted on November 7, 2012

Now its time for a look at another app available for iPad called Morfobooth. This is a strange app in that its purpose is to either play around with one of the pre-loaded faces or to add a face to the app either by loading a photo or taking one. I say this app is strange as it seemingly has no obvious outcome or objective to complete and seems to be designed purely for entertainment.

Me in Morfobooth

   So… Can it be used in the Curriculum?

 In a break from the norm perhaps, I’ll get straight to the point. In my view it can, but   in a very limited sense, especially when compared to other apps. This is because the limited functionality of the app leaves me wondering, for quite a while, about uses for this, particularly outside of ICT. One benefit of this app however is that videos made within it can be used in iMovie (an app that will be looked at in a future blog that has great potential and functionality) meaning that this software can be used alongside iMovie to create effective videos. However this, apart from using it as a stand alone app for fun, is the only beneficial use of this app within ICT.

The only other use I can spot for this app, that could be quite effective, is to use it to add a character into an activity, for example a narrator of a story or an interviewer. The only drawback being, which isn’t actually based upon the app, is that there are many other ways of doing this in a classroom without using this app that could be more fun and also more effective, such as; using video cameras for recording children’s work or other resources such as costumes and masks or perhaps the best resource possible (as they say) the imagination.


To wrap this up, as we all like a blog that is short and sweet, whilst this app admittedly can be fun, I think the fascination would soon wear off (and it certainly did on me). I think it could be used in conjunction with iMovie and possibly within other tasks but beyond this its usage, for me, seems very limited so I wouldn’t be in any rush to go and buy it (69p). If you are interested try it on a UoN iPad before paying for it yourself.

So its goodnight from me and its goodnight from him (the picture version of me).

Always wanted to say that.

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