What are these mysterious squares??


Posted by Shane | Posted in Mobile Technology, QR Codes | Posted on November 7, 2012

Most of us have seen them somewhere, in the most of random of places appearing on everything from movie posters to food packaging and even potentially, as will be discussed, in schools.

As can be seen the squares seem to contain random patterns that make no apparent sense to anyone, children and adults alike, or do they?..

I say this because in fact what can be seen left is readable to just about any person it just needs ‘decoding’ as it were. To do this all that is needed is a QR Reader, that is an application that can take such a pattern and read it to provide the user with its actual meaning.

There are several different QR Readers available for different pieces of hardware including a free app called ‘Scan‘, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone Software by following the link.

Once this QR reader is available all that a person needs to do is use it to scan the QR code to read the message. Why not try it on this QR Code above, (It may not mean much to you yet).


QR Code 2

These codes can display any message that can be typed and can even be linked to websites and therefore videos and pictures. This provides teacher’s with many opportunities to use these both inside and outside of the classroom as well as in many if not all areas of the curriculum.

To do this teacher’s will need to create the QR Codes, which can be done using this website. Here any message can be written to fit the appropriate curriculum area and then all the teacher needs to do is print of the QR Codes and place them where desired and ask children to go around scanning them to read the message (although this technique may need to be demonstrated).

This will require the children to have the appropriate hardware however, for example iPads or other tablets. As these may be of a limited number activities such as these could be done in small groups.


QR Code 3


Maths: As clues to a puzzle; for example as I have done to identify a number from given clues, or perhaps to identify a shape given it’s properties.

Science: Clues could be given as to a type of animal by describing how it is adapted to its habitats, or another example could be to list examples of food and children have to name the food group.

Literacy: Messages could contain adjectives relating to pictures (then pairing the QR Code to the picture), or they could a video of emotive acting with children then discussing the characters emotions and reasons for them

ICT: These QR Codes could be numbered with the order providing children with a step-by-step guide on either how to use a piece of software or how to complete a piece of work in an ICT. This could also include children learning how to make their own QR Codes, as it is not a difficult process, and then designing games or riddles for the classmates.


So that was my blog looking at QR Codes which I chose to focus on as I had little time to look at them during the session. I also felt it was important for me to look at them as I hadn’t used them before but after this I feel confident that I could use them both inside and outside of the classroom.

Thank you and Goodbye everyone


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