“You should not be playing games in my lesson!!!”


Posted by Shane | Posted in Animations, Games | Posted on November 22, 2012

Does anybody else recognise the problem with this? Yes, ok, I know that some children will go onto games that they shouldn’t be going onto, (for example those they may use at home) but there will be children who are familiar with educational games that could actually be utilised in the classroom. This is a factor that I have seen on placement personally, with teachers using ICT based games to support the children’s learning, and also in those ‘tricky’ situations where something has happened/gone wrong and teachers need a short 5 minute activity that children can do to keep them busy. Obviously it is best to avoid this but hey we all have to live and deal with it and lets face it, it is much better if an activity can support children’s learning.


So as I like doing little reviews on things, and providing you with some interesting resources and fun games (hopefully) I am now going on a hunt…. for games:


New York Times Set Daily Puzzle

This link takes you to a matching activity where all three pictures need to have ‘everything the same’ or ‘everything different’. “What?” I hear you ask. Yes it sounds confusing but is quite a teaser activity that is nice to get children to come up to the front (Interactive Whiteboard). I used it in a Y4, 5 and 6 class and they thoroughly enjoy it, becoming very determined as a class to find the solutions… and you probably will too.

Screen-shot of the Puzzle


BBC Bitesize KS1

So we should all be familiar with the BBC and perhaps Bitesize, with several of you perhaps using it before but they also provide a range of games covering a range of topics for; Literacy, Maths and Science at KS1. Whilst all games may not suit all classes or children their is a good selection so it would be worth checking them out to see if you can use them as either a starter or plenary activity. All of the games are nicely animated and come with sound effects to support them.


BBC Bitesize KS2

As you might expect, exactly the same as the KS1 resources… No, I’m joking of course these resources are aimed for children of higher levels (as they hopefully will be) but are also aimed a lot more at children playing them independently or in pairs on a laptop/pc rather than as a class on an IWB. Children can even create lobbies so that they can play each other.



This website, aimed at early years and key stage 1, features some very interesting games to support both literacy and mathematics, some of which have I have seen on placements in schools. An advantage of this website is that each game outlines the ‘objective’ it aims to achieve and again are worth, in my opinion, having a quick look at with clearly labelled sections such as; number facts, counting, addition, money etc. making games very quick and easy to find.


Kent ICT games

This website also offers games for both KS1 and also KS2 as well as some useful animations including some created to support the rhymes of 5 little ducks and 5 little speckled frogs (which can also support children in the early years.


So that is a quick look at some examples of games to support some of the subjects within the Curriculum, clearly the list will not be exhaustive but they do provide many examples of useful games for many age levels and topics so I hope that you will find them worth looking at… And have fun playing them.


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