Who said that being the scribe was boring? This app changes that!


Posted by Shane | Posted in Animations, Mobile Technology | Posted on November 7, 2012

Videoscribe is an animation tool available for the iPad. It differs from normal animation tools in that the animation is literally drawn on screen by a hand after users have chosen the images to be placed within the video. Whilst this app costs £2.99 it can be useful in different ways within the classroom.

Screenshot showing the buttons for the using Videoscape

This app allows users to be able to drag both images and text into the animation as well as backing tracks to accompany the video.

This picture shows how the different buttons in Videoscape are used to help create a video with clear buttons showing how to zoom in and out and also how to change items already added into the video.

Whilst this software is easy to use it is definitely suited as a tool for teaching with KS2 predominantly, that is KS2 children will find it a lot easier to use the software as I feel that KS1 children will be confused by all of the buttons as it took me time to get used to them.


Uses In The Classroom:

1. This could be used as a very nice way of introducing topics in the classroom, for example using the clock image as a way of introducing children to telling the time, asking ‘what may we be learning about today’?


2. It could also be used as a discussion point for children looking at a picture from several aspects, including perhaps developing a storyline or discussing emotions, possibly even leading to some drama.


So thats a quick look at Videoscribe and it’s uses. This is an app that I had no previous use of prior to the session but after briefly having it demonstrated to us in session and not having time to use it, I decided to buy it on my iPad and I would recommend it to anyone with an iPad as it is fun to see what you can create. Whilst there is a desktop version of this app using it comes at a cost after a seven day free-trial so I would personally stick to the iPad version. Once again, as usual I would like to say thanks for reading and have fun playing around with this app. More great stuff coming your way soon.



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I didn’t get a chance to have a go with VideoScribe so thanks for some excellent ideas here, Shane. I would love to have an iPad but that will have to wait until I am in paid employment again! In the meantime, I will see if I can persuade my nephew to download this app and let me borrow his iPad.

Thank you Angela, this app is definitely worth having a look at, especially as it seems unique in the way that the animations are formed, making it rather interesting for children to watch.

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