Second and Third Floor – Counselling Rooms

The counselling rooms have been designed taking inspiration, again, from the louvres. Strips of engineered wood alternate to create a curved ceiling that evolves from one side of the room, up and over to result in a seat. By rounding off the corners of the room a unique environment is created that is welcoming and comfortable.

The rooms have been designed using evidence based research to assist in a design that is effective in its purpose.
The importance found of having views, access to natural light and ventilation has resulted in all of the counselling rooms being located where they have access to a window

The size has also been based upon found evidence from the design of other counselling rooms in medical facilities and on the amount of space specified in the metric handbook (Adler, 1999)

The rooms are sound proof, with a rug on the floor. There is also a choice of seating, with either a bench seat, that allows space for laying down on, or arm chair.
counselling render lighter

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