Second Floor – Restaurant


The restaurant is designed to provide a popular place to dine offering healthy foods using ingredients that are safe for people with weakened immune systems from treatment.

The restaurant is open to the public, not only those people that are using the centre’s other facilities (although it is likely that it will be more heavily used by those visiting the centre for another purpose) It has been purposefully located at the top of the building to increase footfall through the information area on the ground floor increasing the amount of people who are gaining knowledge on cancer, its causes, prevention and types.

The restaurant also doubles up as a learning space allowing tutorials on healthy cooking at certain times during the day. This is to assist in holisitic healing, teaching people how to have a healthier diet and life style.
The design of the restaurant makes the most of its glazed roof and windows. Being located on the second floor it offers panoramic views acrross the town. The introduction of raised planted areas bring in nature to the design and aids in the creation of of a light, fresh space that reflects on the name of The Green House.

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