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Welcome to my new ICT blog

Hi all

I’m Naz, a mature student on my first year at the UoN studying to be an Early Years teacher. I have to say that I was not born in an era surrounded by technology, labtops, Ipads, social media etc. so I will have to listen carefully and have a play with everything that is thrown at me (not literally) I mean in terms of ICT.

I looked up the definition of a blog and according to ‘Oxford Dictionaries online’ a blog is;

‘a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis’.

Today is my first ICT session and already I  have learnt something new, how to set up my own blog with the aid of a great website called Helen on ICT. Click on the following link for some very useful tips, then go into resources from the menu and follow the introduction on how to get started on your very own blog! (it’s straight forward, even I have managed it!!).

I look forward to learning lots of new ideas and ICT resources that I can use in the classroom, and look forward to blogging again soon!!!!