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There’s a ‘rumble in the jungle’……

 Using media

On placement I have been able to incorporate using media into our ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ topic using the ‘2Simple 2Paint A Picture’ program, having explored this program during my own ICT session at university, I was keen to put it into practice.  Year 1 had been searching for jungle animals in the schools spinney and their task was to create their favourite jungle animal using ICT. It was exciting to see the children exploring  the tools and using the special effects to create their jungle animal. Below are just a few examples of the children’s fantastic pictures they had created.

                        KRIT AND  MAHIR

 meet and rohan


Planet of the Apps

It has been a really exciting week on placement in terms of ICT. ‘THE APPRENTICE’ is down to the last eight candidates and their task this week was to design and create a brand new app. Both teams have created some amazing apps using Blippit which is a pop-up app maker designed for students and schools.


Team Apocalypse have designed an app called ‘Learn the world’ an app which is designed to help you to learn facts about places around the world.



Team Dynamite have created an app calledEasylearn’ an educational app used to support literacy and numeracy for Key Stage 1 and 2.


benefits2014Both apps are amazing and considering the pupils are only in year 6 they have done an amazing job.  This fits in really with the new 2014 Computing programmes of study for key stages 1 and 2. The teams had to complete the task in only a week and be ready to present their apps to the whole school in assembly. The pupils are able to vote on the schools website to choose their favourite app and decide on who will stay and who will get FIRED!!!

Watch this space…




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