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Creativity in Early Years and KS1

Hi all, In today’s ICT session we were given a brief to think about a favourite picture book of our choice and use this as a stimulus to create a resource.  The age group for which the resource could be used is for Early Years (aged 3-4). Unfortunately I was absent for this session and was unable to collaborate with my peers to produce a resource and present it to the group , however I have chosen to make my own resources to one of my favourite children’s books called ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle.

I began by producing a ‘Monkey Jam’ of the story of the hungry caterpillar using resources from the universities school experience library.

I  have also chosen a short video clip  to show the children the life cycle of a ‘Monarch butterfly’, I would simplify the terminology of the video clip when using it with the children in the classroom.

I also made a resource which I could use in the classroom using Smart Notebook which I feel is age appropriate, this is a science interactive activity (aged 3-5) where the children sequence the stages of the life cycle of a butterfly by dropping and dragging the correct picture, the purpose impact on learning is that the children learn about life cycles.

Peer Assessment- two groups presented their resources which they had created using their chosen book as a stimulus. The two book themes were ‘Owl Babies’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, both groups presented their resources really well and included a variety of teaching/learning mediums such as the use of poppletts, animations using Monkey Jam, a video from You tube showing how a bean grows, interactive games using Smart NoteBook and the use of apps. Well done to both groups, the presentations were age appropriate, had a purpose impact on children’s learning and demonstrated good use of ICT skills.