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 ICT for the Future

In today’s ICT session we explored stop motion animation techniques using a software called ‘Monkey Jam‘, it was so much fun! We used a USB camera, props such as animals, miniature figures, palm trees,  lego etc. various backgrounds and some much needed blue tak. We were given a brief introduction into how to use the software and then were ‘let loose’ to produce our own short animation.

We were advised that we needed to take some 250 photos in order to produce a 20-25 second animation!!

Now I’m no Quentin Tarantino or Steven Spielberg but i’ll certainly give it a go . After encountering a few teething problems of ‘props behaving badly’ , it was fairly easy to make. I produced a short (yes I did say short) animation I hope you enjoy watching it.

Having explored the ‘Monkey Jam’ software (which by the way is free to download) I found that I really enjoyed using it (once you get to grips with it and it can be a little time consuming ). It would be an excellent tool to use in the classroom both as a presentation tool to or to use with the children for them to create their own animations. The appeal of this program is that it is easy to use and great fun, children in Key Stage 2 would get to grips with this software quite easily, however I feel that the younger children will need a little practice and may need a little extra support with this software in order to produce/achieve their animation.

Ict in Early Years – Where do you start?

Children nowadays are surrounded by technology in their everyday environments and  ICT now impacts on so many aspects of their daily lives, they need to learn about technology and its role in the world in which we live . Cambridge ICT Adviser, Harriet Price has some innovative ideas of how to do this in an early years’ setting. There is a really useful website within the RM Education site with regards to ‘ICT in the Foundation Stage’, and how ICT can be used following the early learning goals. Harriet Price highlights that there is the opportunity to use ICT in all six areas of early years development. “ICT is a tool that helps children develop their learning potential. It can also be fun, motivating, enabling and is entirely relevant in young children’s lives today. Children’s experience of ICT in everyday life is used across all areas of learning.” I found this website to be informative and useful as there are plenty of resources and ideas to help support the teaching of ideas in Early Years ICT including how to use a Smart board which I found particularly useful , click on the link for additional information.