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Final thoughts for Year 2 of ICT…

 Passionate about blogging !

ipadIn January as part of our art session we were joined by a group of reception children along with their class teacher from Eastfield Academy, a local primary school in Northampton. Miss Lowry the class teacher gave us a talk about an art project the children had completed in the summer. The class teacher armed with her iPad is PASSIONATE about blogging and updates the class blog regularly with lots of pictures for parents/children/teachers to see all of the amazing activities that the children have been up to. It was a fantastic session and both the students and the children really enjoyed the activity and produced some really creative art work inspired by the artist Paul Klee. The class teacher uses the blog as a learning journey for each of the children which I thought was a great idea as the parents could access it at home and take a look at their children’s learning at their leisure.

This session made me think about having my own class in the near future. The use of media technology in the classroom such as the iPad can be so versatile, they can contribute to teaching and learning, they can  save so much time for the practitioner,  and more importantly a great way to share with parents their children’s learning.

Click on this link to see the class blog of the children’s art session at the university.

This is my final blog for year 2………. 

untitled (6)Towards the end of February I begin my 2a placement in Year 1. I am looking forward to putting some of my new found knowledge of ICT and incorporating the use of digital media into my practice. The last three sessions along with the reading and browsing has allowed me to develop my subject knowledge immensely and has given me lots of great ideas and the confidence in using media meaningfully to support and enhance children’s learning.

Blogging is becoming increasingly popular in schools,  as I found whilst browsing my up coming placement school’s website, each of the year groups have their own blog, you can click on the link here to see all of the exciting learning experiences the children have been up to.

I do hope you have enjoyed reading my blog, I look forward to blogging again soon.

Thank you for reading.