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Back for more ICT in Year 2!

Skills and techniques

This is the first of three sessions for ICT in Year 2 after our summer break  and today we met our new tutor Helen Caldwell. We got stuck in straight away and started off the session with a discussion of the different ways in which media can contribute to teaching and learning in schools and in early years settings.  As a group we came up with various types of media that we had used in previous school placements, both positives and negatives. Examples such as the use of Ipads, cameras, Interactive Whiteboard, Beebots, Roamer, Programmable toys etc. were shared with the group.

Helen then showed us some computer/ IPad apps which were available to us such as:

  • ICan Animate
  • iMovie
  • Puppet Pals
  • Story Jumper
  • Explain Everything
  • Videoscribe
  • Collins big cat books
  • 2 create a story
  • Purple Mash

This was a real eye opener for me as previously I had not explored the many different types of apps and websites that are readily available which could easily be used to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. I was inspired to explore and take a look at at some of these at my own leisure and it made me think about investing in an iPad, there is so much you can do with them!!

Our first session began with a discussion about why stories/story telling are important in the Early Years and Key Stage 1


How do children in the early years and ks1 benefit from stories?… at

This answer garden shows how stories are really beneficial and essential for children ‘s early development in retelling a story orally, helping them to develop their speaking and listening, reading and writing skills and aids to their creative thinking.

untitled (5)Our objective for today’s session was to create a media resource which was linked to a book of our choice. We worked in groups and I paired with Amisha, our book choice was ‘The  Gingerbread Man’, a familiar story in early years and KS1. We decided on this  book as the characters could be changed and a variety of resources could be created around it. This session enabled me to develop my own personal knowledge  and I found it very useful in exploring the different types of apps and websites that are available. Upon first glance some of the apps looked complicated but this assumption soon changed as once you knew how they work you can be very creative. Working as a group I find is always beneficial as you are able to bounce ideas off each other and work together to create a really good media resource.

imovie imageI really liked the iMovie  app which is available on iPad, Amisha and I  decided that this was an effective media piece to use to make a movie trailer and could be a good ‘hook’ into the story. We went off to the school experience section in the library and found a story sack to use which had finger puppets which we could use for our trailer. As the app already has music we just needed to add in the pictures and the text to create the trailer. It was amazing what you could do in such a short space of time, I could see how children would  enjoy using the app once they got to grips with it, I think working in pairs would be beneficial in order that the children could take turns.

The trailer turned out really well, watch our iMovie trailer: The Gingerbread Man.




There are positives and negatives of using iMovies, firstly the negatives, it has limitations to choice of music as it is already set and secondly unless you have a longer session to complete the making of the trailer you cannot save it and make adjustments to it later on. However, on the positive side children would enjoy using this app as it is easy to use and the end product looks very professional. I would use iMovie with children in key stage 1 as once shown they would be able to create their own trailer, younger children in the EYFS would need adult support.

 In my future placements I would use the trailer on my schools/class blog/website so that parents/carers/staff members would be able to see a trailer of upcoming performances/assemblies that the children are going to be a part of. Another idea of how I could incorporate teaching and learning into the curriculum using media would be to use the trailer as a ‘hook’ into getting the children into the story for a literacy session.

Further reading


I read an interesting article by Rachel Ager titled ‘ICT in the early years’, the article discusses how there is a need for ICT  to be introduced to young children at a very early age. McFarlane (2009) states that ‘we need to teach our young children about technology so that they can all engage with it’. Ager suggests that children should be encouraged to embrace the technology we all use in our lives everyday so they start to appreciate how it is embedded in ‘real-life’, therefore there is purpose.

Initially children should be allowed to become familiar with age appropriate ICT equipment without much adult direction, for example, allowing children to take photographs without directing them. As they become familiar with ICT, then adult interactions provide meaningful learning opportunities and give purpose and context to the use of ICT equipment. Once children are familiar with technology, the idea is that they will automatically select appropriate tools to satisfy a purpose, for example, select a camera to take a photo of something they have made, or use the internet to find information on a topic, the article suggests that children should ‘learn about technology and then use technology to support their learning’. This article highlights some interesting points on allowing young children to play, explore and discover ICT, and something which I will put into practice when I am teaching in an early years setting.

Click on the link to read the full article.


Further Reading

Spring Cottage Primary School

Another article of interest which I came across was one by David Andrews in the Guardian, about a Year 6 teacher who has been investigating how mobile technology can be used across the curriculum to enhance the teaching and learning in the classroom. His blog Mr Andrews online – iPads in Primary Education provides practical ideas on how iPads and iPods can impact  pupils’ progress and independence across the curriculum, this a fantastic blog with lots of interesting ideas, a recommended read.

iPads in the classroom: embedding technology in the primary classroom.

The article supports the potential for enhancing of teaching and learning through technology and is a testimony of how the use of iPads in Year 6 motivated pupils exponentially after the SATS. The teachers developed various apps and got the kids involved in a project in groups. The benefits of the technology they were using meant that children could work at their own pace in solving problems by using the videos and instructions on the iPads (provided/developed by the teachers). This enabled ‘child centred learning’  as the children took more control of their learning as they progressed through the project. One of the most interesting aspects of using the iPads is the different areas the children were involved in as part of the project, they not only made controllable devices, but went on to make an advert using multimedia and a music app, made a blog and finally presented it to parents. Furthermore, in literacy, David discusses how the children used the devices in a variety of ways, such as a stimulus for writing, this just goes to show how technology can support and motivate pupils in enhancing their learning in the classroom! Click on the link for the full article.


21st Century learning in the classroom …

An inspirational video for all practitioners ‘Learning and Creating with iPads in Kindergarten’.

In today’s ever evolving world, a kindergarten  class demonstrates how technology has been successfully incorporated into their classroom. The video clip below is truly inspiring and well worth watching. The children were learning about the life cycle of  butterflies and have created iMovies about what they learned using iPads.  All of the children were all very enthusiastic and really focused on their task and along with their teacher have produced this brilliant video. Take a look!!