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My Vision Statement

My personal philosophy for the use of digital technologies in Early Years and Key Stage 1 settings.   As we now embark upon a change in direction for teaching ICT in the form of Computing (2013) curriculum, I see opportunities to create really exciting, engaging and collaborative ways of teaching and learning for all children. […]

Developing a vision

Alas this week was our last taught extended ICT session with our inspiring tutor Helen Caldwell, the last five weeks have flown by! As we approach the end our first term at university it will not be long before we are teaching our own class of children as we embark on our teaching careers. Today’s […]

Digital Technology across the Curriculum

In this weeks session we looked at how ICT can play an essential part across the curriculum. QR Codes We were tasked to day to work in pairs and create a themed/curriculum resource using  a selection of QR codes. Let’s go to the beginning and find out what QR codes are and what are there […]

Creative Computing

Computing In this session we looked at where computer science fits into the National Curriculum (2013) and how we can introduce computing skills to children in the early years and KS1. ‘Computing‘ as it is now known replaces the term ICT and its purpose of study is to equip children to use ‘computational thinking and […]

Maximising the use of Mobile Devices

Looking at the innovative ways Ipads are used in the classroom In today’s session we looked at a Prezi Helen had created on how primary schools are using iPads in the classroom. Helen showed us many apps some of which she recommended we should take a minute to explore. Helen talked about the Flexible Use […]

Presentation Tools and Digital Storytelling

More ICT in year 3! After a long summer break and feeling refreshed, I was ready to re-engage with the exciting world of ICT. We are about to embark on our final six sessions of ICT before we become qualified teachers and I will record my learning throughout the sessions in my blog. After a […]

There’s a ‘rumble in the jungle’……

 Using media On placement I have been able to incorporate using media into our ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ topic using the ‘2Simple 2Paint A Picture’ program, having explored this program during my own ICT session at university, I was keen to put it into practice.  Year 1 had been searching for jungle animals in the schools […]

Final thoughts for Year 2 of ICT…

 Passionate about blogging ! In January as part of our art session we were joined by a group of reception children along with their class teacher from Eastfield Academy, a local primary school in Northampton. Miss Lowry the class teacher gave us a talk about an art project the children had completed in the summer. […]

Sharing our resource

Sharing and Evaluating Our third and final session for ICT was an opportunity for the group to share their media resources that they had been working over the past couple of weeks and to provide feedback. The groups had all worked really hard and it was a great way to see the different types of media that […]

Discovering Puppet Pals!

Curriculum applications This was our second ICT session,  and after our first session of exploring the many different types of apps that could be used with young children in the classroom. I was excited to make another resource surrounding our book choice. The objective of the lesson was to work in groups to produce a […]