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Today was our final ICT session for year one. It was a very informative session in that we discussed the issues regarding internet safety. The evolution of technology has made the internet part of our daily lives with accessibility at our fingertips. It has many advantages and can be used for social networking, entertainment, information resources etc. However […]

Creativity in Early Years and KS1

Hi all, In today’s ICT session we were given a brief to think about a favourite picture book of our choice and use this as a stimulus to create a resource.  The age group for which the resource could be used is for Early Years (aged 3-4). Unfortunately I was absent for this session and was […]

Game On!

Todays session was about game based learning, when I came into the session I thought wow this looks fun, (my gaming addicts, sorry my two boys would be in their element!). We talked about the rapid change of technology over the last five years with the use of Ipads and Apps and how gaming has become […]