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Education the bigger picture

I recently saw a  very thought provoking You tube clip by educationalist ‘Sir Ken Robinson’. It is titled ‘Changing Education Paradigms’ and is well worth listening to. Click here to go to the video. The video really got me thinking about the current education system and how it actually fails children whilst it is being sold to us […]


IWB’s (Interactive Whiteboards) In today’s ICT session we looked at the role of the IWB and how it is a great  interactive resource to  use in classroom to enhance children’s learning. During the session we all had an opportunity to have a go on the IWB, I would like to use this equipment a lot […]


 ICT for the Future In today’s ICT session we explored stop motion animation techniques using a software called ‘Monkey Jam‘, it was so much fun! We used a USB camera, props such as animals, miniature figures, palm trees,  lego etc. various backgrounds and some much needed blue tak. We were given a brief introduction into how to use the software […]


Enhancing Learning through Powerpoint Today’s ICT session was on presentation software. We focused on power point and how to use it effectively to convey ideas to an audience. The benefits of using power points is that you can pre prepare resources in advance and it can be used as a lively an interesting way of presenting information especially […]

ICT and Art

ICT and Art Today’s art session focused on  the exploration of art through the use of new technologies, such as IPad’s, Notebooks, Digital Camera’s etc.  It was a really useful session, and showed us how we could embrace the use of this equipment in art education and gave us examples of how we could achieve this in a classroom setting. Nowadays, […]

Welcome to my new ICT blog

Hi all I’m Naz, a mature student on my first year at the UoN studying to be an Early Years teacher. I have to say that I was not born in an era surrounded by technology, labtops, Ipads, social media etc. so I will have to listen carefully and have a play with everything that is thrown at me […]

Hello world!

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