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In a previous post I have discussed the pro’s of using video software with children (such as smartphones or tablets).

In session 4 & 5 we looked at using mobile technologies and why they are useful when working with children.

First of all I explored the use of QR CODES.
A kind of bar-code that can be scanned from different mobile technologies, once scanned the mobile technology will take you to a per-destined area online. These QR codes can give access to videos, websites, sound clips, messages or social networking access. QR codes are becoming more popular and common in daily life, for example, small businesses will have a QR code which a potential customer could scan.
These QR codes could be used around the classroom, to link to blogs or online images that the children had created.
The codes are simple to create and can be done using a website called

The website gives you options of where you would like your code to take you. So when creating a code for this blog I chose the ‘website’ option.
Then pasted my URL into the dedicate box and was brought to this screen.

So using the image below, if a smartphone or other kind of mobile technology scanned the code it would bring them to my blog.



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Hi Lara,

Firstly, I just want to say how much I like the background that you have on your blog, I think it sets it up to be quite fun and not too formal.

I really like that you decided to link your QR code with a website. When I tried it I only used a message written by myself. How useful did you find it? Did accessing the URL using the QR code take long, or was it a fairly fast process?

Hi Eden,
It was a very quick process, I’ve double checked the link and it seems to work for me.
If you use a generic search engine and search ‘scan me’ across the top right hand side there is an option called ‘create a code’.
This will bring you to the screen I have an image of and its a fairly self explanatory process from there.
Hope this helps!

Hey Lara,

How would you go about using QR codes in a lesson? Just wondered if you had any different ideas to what i have had on my blog, i thought about using them for OAA activities in a PE lesson to get children working together to follow a trail etc.


Hey Rachel,

Thats a great idea, I was really struggling to think of ways to use them actually in the classroom. I like the idea of using them as sound clips to explain work (possibly art evaluations and reflections).


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