Posted by MacKinnon | Posted in ICT, mobile technologies | Posted on November 9, 2012

During session 4 we looked at the use of mobile technologies for the classroom.
In a small group we decided to make our own film trailer using the ipad app ‘imovie’.

The layout was simple, we had the option to pick a theme for our trailer.
Once we picked the theme this gave us a  structure, with music and shot advice.
We decided on a title and ideas for the on screen text and typed these into the ipad.
Each shot was advised for example ‘Character 1, 3 seconds, close up’.

Having such a strong structure meant that the whole task took us just over an hour.
The film trailer we made was this:



When using this in the classroom I would let children work in small groups and share use of the tablets.
Even young children would be able to use this type of software.
The film trailer types are so specific, most children will be aware of what is necessary.
Films like this are also nice to show to parents or could be shared on a class blog or school website.


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