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Having previously used blogfolio as a form of assessment during my time during A level media studies. It was a very similar layout to the one used by the University of Northampton. As a public site, linking all students and as a forum for teachers to access, moderate and mark.

I like the idea of holding a class or school blog, if done through a school server and login to access I can’t see any downside to having a collaborative blog. This could be a valuable opportunity for schools to share with the wider world their strengths. If other schools can link to blogs, they can share abnd collaborate with the wider community the work that is being created. Schools can use this as evidence of work at parents evenings or to show potential students what kind of work they will be taking part in.

From a parents point of view it is a way of seeing their child’s work and getting involved in their learning. It can also be used to give access to family who perhaps live abroad, or for parents who don’t drop or collect their children from school to see what would be displayed in the classroom.

For example a trip could be documented in a blog, going from the planning stages, to preparation and then a photo collage or timetable of each day. Teachers could update from mobile technologies and children could create an ICT evaluation and reflection of the trip. parents could keep up to date with what their children were up to while away.

Class blogging is a  way for teachers and pupils to display the work that they are proud of, projects that span across the whole curriculum can be brought together online.



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Hello Lara, I really found this interesting to read and agree how setting up a school blog is beneficial for teacher’s and pupil’s. However I think time could be a barrier for teachers; checking what the pupil’s have written on their blog etc. Have you had any experience of how teacher’s plan for this? Otherwise the benefits as you have explained are brilliant!

I haven’t seen this used in a primary school setting, when we used it at A level our tutors were set to administrators so could see when we had updated our blogs. They were also split into groups with our names running down the right hand side of the screen, so it was easily accessible for them to find which pupil they were looking for.

I think if there was one login and each child could write their own piece and then post this to a communal blog, signing off with their name this would involve less trawling through web pages!

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the comment 🙂

Hey that’s a good idea; ‘a communal blog’ which would be much easier to monitor.

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