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Posted by MacKinnon | Posted in ICT, programming | Posted on October 26, 2012

With advances in educational ICT, programming with children is becoming more common in primary schools. In fact many education experts are assuming that in the new ICT curriculum (now due out circa 2014) computer science will take prevalence.

An examples of a programming system in schools already is LOGO.
Using a basic number of commands children are able to move a turtle animation in different directions, leaving a trail behind them, which can be various colours. Children could use this to try and write letters or create patterns. This is a good starting point for younger children to start computer programming and then move onto more difficult programming systems.

The programme that we used in session was Scratch. It has basic commands that are accessible for children, they can add costumes, backgrounds, sounds, characters and movement.
In an hours session I tried to explore the most I could and created this:

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