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Prezi is a website that was recently recommended to me, it is a way of presenting work or information in a fast free flowing style.
Registration for the basic features is free but for a fee you can get more advanced tools. The presentations can be shared between users, meaning both parties can edit and tweak a presentation ready for display. For teachers who are sharing a project or giving ideas to other this is ideal. With simple steps and ‘cheat sheets’ getting started is easy.

Presentations can be edited and updated, so during a class project that is cross curricular the staff or children can upload and add their own explanations and examples of work. This presentation could then be used in; an assembly at parents evening or as a reflection at the end of the project. After a school trip a Prezi picture presentation could be shown or emailed to long distance family.
This example is about recycling.

I would let children add their own opinions about different aspects of a project and decide on which pictures to add.
There is already a stockpile of pre-made presentations that can be accessed by anyone, so as the starter to a topic or an informative teaching tool Prezi is easy to access, suitable for the classroom and an alternative to powerpoint.

When working on a student led seminar, we chose to use Prezi as a form of presentation. We picked a simple and clear design and put simple bullet points to outline our understanding. By making ourself all administrators we could all edit our sections from home.



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Hi Lara
I found this blog really useful to know about. I hadn’t heard of it before but have looked at the site and it could be really useful in the future.

It’s always good to be introduced to new ideas and I especially like the idea of using it in an assembly or at parents evening.

Thank you.

I think it is slightly more interesting than the same old power points, thank you for the comment 🙂

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