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During a previous assignment I researched four phonics websites that would be helpful to a teacher that needed to improve their phonics knowledge or for a teacher wanting to look for new ideas. Hyperlinked are the four websites with some information on what makes them useful to teachers in either KS1 OR KS2.

Top Phonics

Mr Thorne

‘Mr Thorne does literacy’ is a great website. A real life teacher giving other teachers advice on various aspects of literacy. He recommends tried and tested; resources,  ways of teaching and games. Videos can also be found on youtube, Mr Thorne has his own iphone, ipad and andriod apps. The website has 244 videos for phases 1-6 as well as information and videos on topics like homophones and grammar. The videos would be perfect for use on the interactive whiteboard as the start of each new sound.
The website has a fun character of ‘Geraldine the Giraffe’ that young children would love. The Giraffe puppet teaches various sounds and would be great as a running theme over a series of lessons or as a re-cap of learnt sounds.

The website gives the options for you to be able to contact ‘Mr Thorne’ if there are any queries.


Phonics Play

Games and activities from phases 1 – 6
A worthwhile resource for all of key stage 1 and early key stage 2.  If the school subscribes, there are more resources and extended activities both children and teachers can use. This is a brilliant resource for teachers who aren’t overly confident in using and teaching phonics. With plans for each phase and daily ideas, this website excels in content for phonics in the classroom or at home.
It includes information for teachers when phonics isn’t meeting every child’s needs, with handy hints and a glossary. There is guidance for how to apply phonics, with activity ideas and assessment ideas, assessment guides and information as well as resources for all of the phases. These resources are printable so could be set as homework or extension work.
This website would be great to refer to parents who are struggling to understand phonics or how to aid their child with phonics. The free games and activities can be accessed by children whilst at home, whereas the subscriber-only games can be used within school and during phonics sessions.
There are resources that are designed for the interactive whiteboard during a phonics session. Another idea could be to have one to one time with a member of teaching staff for a child who is struggling with their phonics either in key stage one or two.


Phonics International

This website can be subscribed to to gain more content, but has a lot of free resources that are very worthwhile. I advise this website to teachers who are not overly confident in their knowledge of phonics to use this website as a refresher of their knowledge. There is an area that contains sound clips for the different phonemes and graphemes, with example words and images. There is a message forum for teachers and parents to contact each other, to give advice or ask questions. There are 70 free resources for unit 1 of 12 as a taster pack to encourage joining the scheme. There are some helpful tracking registers and various charts are also available for teachers to use alongside various flashcards and posters relating to unit 1. There is also the option to sign up for free tutorials on how to use the resources and what is available if you sign up for the rest of the scheme.



This website has 856 activities, including games, songs and fun videos with well known Cbeebies characters. Not all of the activities are solely for phonics, a lot of them involve use of the ICT and phonics crossed with other curriculum subjects. For example ‘Staying Healthy’ song which could be used in a science project.
The website gives you the option to pick an age range, time limit or a theme to differentiate the activities. The website has support features and information for any adults that are trying to boost their child’s learning using the website. It includes information explaining the premise of phonics and why it is so key in child development.
Resources on the website include; videos of high frequency sounds, printable worksheets and stories to read along with.



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Top blog Lara.
Thank you for enlightening me about phonics. I have used Phonics Play before. We had a dead good time.

Look forward to the next thrilling installment of Lara’s bloghype.

I really like your blogfolio design Lara. I, too, have used Phonics Play on placement with year 2’s. THEY LOVED IT. It was particularly great to use as Space was our theme and the aliens were a real hit.

I think as a free resource, as teachers we’d be neglecting the class to not use it! I can’t wait to use it on placements

Hello Lara, I have used Phonics Play on my 2a placement with year 2. I used two of the resources on the Interactive White Board i.e. silly sentences. and phonics games. The children loved them and were really engaged! Definitely a web site that I will use again to support the children’s phonics sessions and learning.

Hi Treena,
I think sometimes using a variety of phonics games and activities (even if they aren’t from your school scheme) mixes up phonics teaching and means that all children can get involved regardless of phase!

Yes, I agree and the children really like interactive teaching and learning.

I looked on phonics play the other day and the plans are a really good starting point for ideas. They also sets out what you need to teach each week for each phase which I found really helpful…worth downloading!

I do like phonics play as a resource to use in the classroom and would like the opportunity to use it in class. Although I taught a lot of phonics lessons on 2b placement I didn’t have the opportunity to use any IWB activities – the school used Read Write Inc and adhered to the programme without any deviation. This may be the case with Jolly Phonics too. I think there is more freedom with letters and sounds so you could probably include IWB activities which I am certain the children would love.

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