The Three Little Pigs

During this lesson we brought together all of our knowledge of Ipads, Apps and using mobile technologies to assist learning experiences and as a group created a classroom resource. We decided on the story ‘Three Little Pigs’ and chose to make the resource using the Ipad as we felt they are increasingly being favored in settings.

First we looked at using the app VideoScribe. However, after using it briefly we realised we could not get some of the images we desired and it was very time consuming. We reviewed this and thought VideoScribe may not be so appropriate for the Early Years.

We then decided to use the app we had all explored previously ‘Explain Everything’ which I had also previously used. Whilst creating our resource we aimed to draw together all of our knowledge from the previous sessions as well as sharing our own knowledge within the group.  The app ‘Explain Everything’ was very easy to use; the layout of the app and the facilities it offered were easy to initiate and alter. All members of the group were able to access this app and we all felt it would be appropriate for children in the Early Years and Key Stage One.

We created an example of what children could make themselves in a Key Stage One class independently or possibly with adult assistant in the Early Years. The app ‘Explain Everything’  enabled us to use drawings, along with sounds and writing to retell and create the story. We also felt there were a range of skills developed by the using this app.

Please click on the link below to see an example of the kind of product children could make:

This app could be used in a variety of ways which are discussed in our planning:

Plan- Three Little Pigs- Ipads- Explain Everything

To consolidate the session every group presented their created resource , explained and demonstrated  how to use the specific app. I felt this very beneficial as we all accessed the app and then were given a step by step guide about how to create the resource. I decided to video these presentations to allow for personal reflection.  Once recorded using the Ipad, I wanted to upload them to YouTube. I had to create an account and then upload the video, this however, was not as straight forward as first thought, and was very time consuming.

Now I have a YouTube account, I feel I could use this in settings to share with parents and carers children’s work, I would ensure the privacy settings are appropriate and that the video would not be public.


Creative Coding …..creating resources

Children having ownership of their own learning is an important aspect when planning. Allowing children to create games and learning resources to assist their learning and development is therefore vital.

This week we worked as a group to create an interactive simple coding resource to be used with children aged 3-5 years.  This allowed skills to be drawn from each person to create an overall resource which could be used in school. This resource would be ideally used on an interactive whiteboard.

We decided to use the program 2DIY as  we were all confident in using it. However, during the session we did look at other programming and coding programmes such as Purple Mash.

Based on the book ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ By Eric Carle

This ‘catching’ game allows children to develop and bring together a variety of coding skills.  This game could be created during a small adult lead session, where children get to collaborate and retell the story.  See plan: Overview Plan


Click here to play :Caterpillar game

The aim of the game is for children to direct the caterpillar to different fruits to gain points, this game created is cross curricular looking at many aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage and can be adapted depending on the age and ability of children. Children use mathematic skills to count the fruit and the total they have collected.  Skills of estimation and direction are used when directing the caterpillar to the fruit.

Using the program 2DIY to create a resource means the degree and complexity of the coding involved can be differentiated.

Another resource we tried to make was on the app

‘Explain everything’

Here teachers and children can create a resource to be used on a whole class scale.  Our resource created was an interactive story of the Hungry Caterpillar, which could be used as a stimulus to the game created above. You could record sounds and speech and insert images to represent your talk. Unfortunately, as we went to save, the battery ran out so there is not an example available.

But check out the video below, as it is a great resource to be used in schools.