Apps in relation to accessibility and impact on learning.

This week in ICT, after been allowed to explore apps freely over the last few weeks, we were tasked with reviewing apps for IPADS in relation to accessibility and impact on learning. Apple its self states that all their apps are created with the intention to help everybody ‘connect with the world in new ways’. There are a variety of apps all aimed at different age groups and abilities as well as foci on learning.

Early Years and Key Stage One:

Name: Doodle Buddy

Accessibility: Really easy to use drawing tool that is simple.  It has a variety of accessories- stamps shape and text which can be used to enhance the drawing .You can email the photo to save it and print it off so that work can be recorded.

Impact on learning: Children can explore with this app as a means of expression, to represent a story or a specific outcome. This app can be used as an aid to another area of learning as it is simple to use.

Key Stage One:

Name: Saving Seeds

Accessibility: Children are given seeds which need to get into a pot, they need to draw lines to save the seed in the pot. This can be differentiated easily with the level selected. This app is accessible to all, however, it may need some explanation in order for children to use independently.

Impact on learning:  This app promotes a lot of co ordination and estimation skills. Forward thinking is also needed along with recollection of what worked earlier.

A key point acknowledged when reviewing these apps was how the evidence could be saved. Some apps allowed for emailing or printing , whereas others did not save. I feel using ipads are a valuable resource but i feel recording and evidencing the work on them is just as important. Apps such as VidRhythm  allowed for images to be recorded and put into an animated video. This could then be shared with parents and carers as well as peers.

Please click here to look at the rest of the apps I reviewed : please feel free to comment on this post if you have reviewed similar apps, I would be interested to see your opinions.

A little bit more….

When looking further at apps that can be used I came across the website ‘Fun Educational Apps’. This site gives a brief review of the learning points as well as positive and negative ideas relating to the app. You can pick specific apps related to age ranges which i feel is good in ensuring the apps are age appropriate.

The media also reviews apps and the Independent  has come up with top 10 free educational apps. I feel because this is in a news paper, parents and adults may look at them and this will impact on children’s learning at home. This is not specifically related to child age apps, but general apps so could be useful of informing teachers. It should also be noted that IPADs in education are not only being implemented in the UK but world wide as nobody wants to ‘be left behind’ Aaditi Isaac

Finally to review learning related to using mobile technologies- IPADS we created mind maps in small groups, to display all our knowledge and understanding relating to accessibility and impact on learning which we then jigsawed to share our knowledge































(Photos taken from ICT Session)




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