User interaction experience map

Now that the product has been fully resolved at a product a user interaction experience map has been created to show the interaction between the user and product. In total there are four stages of user product interaction and experience:

Purchase and set up
– Discovering the products availability and how it can assist the users – hearing families with a deaf child or those with other hearing impairments.
– Setting up the product in the home in a family centred location.
– Signing up to the online community which enables the users to download games, interact with other community members and gain access to the NDCS membership.

Adaptable and progressive play interaction
– Downloading and playing sign language learning games/activities for personal or family unit development at self-paced intervals.
– Downloading and playing educational games/activities for personal and family unit development at self-paced intervals.
– Downloading fun games for family and friend interaction.
– Strengthening bonds between the family unit
– Strengthening bonds between friends
– Allowing the deaf child to have access to a renewable source of educational entertainment and a platform which enables instant interaction between family members.
– Competing with others on the NDCS online community.
– Giving the deaf child instant access to a community in a similar position to them.

Personal and family development/achievement
– Using the sign language learning games/activities to development personal skills, family skills and family cooperation and integration.
– Using educational games to assist in the deaf child’s education.
– Achieving levels of sign language or education skills as collaborative family unit.

Product end of life/end of use
– Donating the product to the NDCS either for use at community gatherings or donated directly to another family with a deaf child.
– Recycling product knowing that all materials and components can be re

User interaction experiene map

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