Self manufacture 2.0

The next stage of self manufacture was to create the wrist band controllers. The manufacture of these components where made via the same process as the collectible RFID characters and the main console. A postive mould was created using the CNC router and then it was silicon casted. Also included in this mould were supports to hold the USB technology in place during the mould – These are shown in the first image below. The second image below shows the final product.
Untitled-1 (2)
The casting went well and the supports for the USB technology performed well – however as the image shows this process created un-sightly seem lines where the elastomer joint around the USB tech. Due to the low shore rating of this elastomer it is like rubber and therefore these seem lines cannot be sanded, they can however be cut off. Rather than doing this though the next casting that is performed will be watched closely to ensure there is as little over spill onto the USB tech as possible.

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