Self manufacture 2.0

After the successful creation of the first set of collectible RFID characters the next stage was to create the main console. The self manufacture followed the same principle as the collectible RFID characters by creating a positive mould using the CNC router and then casting that in silicon. There are three moulds shown below: the first is used to cast all of the components that fit into the main body of the console:
– Hand inserts
– Power port
– Hdmi port
– Belly piece
– Feet
The second is used to cast the back if the console and the third to cast the front of the console. The last image shows the joining together of these components into the final console – however the hand inserts and arms are missing as the positive mould is being finish at this stage.
Untitled-2 (2)
At this stage the console all fits together apart from the belly piece insert plane. The plane and depth were not calculated correctly therefore a silicon inserts has been created that should allow the next test manufacture to fit correctly. Also as I had never casted anything of this size before i discovered that mixing the elastomer and pouring it at a constant rate are important to ensure small areas of unmixed elastomer are not left on the surface of the final product.


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