Self manufacture 2.0

Sign the number 8

Sign the number 8

After the first attempt at self manufacture alterations were made to the CAD models that ensured all parts could be cast and assembled straight from the mould. Firstly the CAD models were altered to allow flat casting of both the belly pieces and feet. Secondly the models were taken into a software called MAYA were the polygons that make up the model were altered. By altering the polygons of the CAD models it created a smoother path for the CNC to take which created a better finish on the mould.

Below you can see the milled out mould, the Silicon mould and the collectible character set created. (Unfortunately due to unseen hidden parts in the CNC file lead to one of the characters having belly piece shapes covering its hands – this piece is currently being re-milled along with the components to cast the console)


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