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In today’s session we continued with our work on mobile technologies. The task was to create something that can be used with children so myself and Sophie chose to use the app ‘Puppetpals’.

The app is free from iTunes and contains various themed characters and sets to create your story on.

You can also take a photo of yourself and crop it so that you are in the story.

It is very simple to use and a lot of fun.


Here is one we made.

In the video above we had not realised that you can change the setting of where the characters are so we did another one.

To move the characters you simply drag them with your finger. To turn them you double tap the character. Then you simply speak into the iPad and start acting.


With children this can be used in a variety of ways:

  • English – re-tell a story
  • English – tell your own story
  • PSHE – create a story about a moral/social issue
  • Create songs and rhymes with characters
  • Maths – solving word problems – here’s how
  • Science – seasons – here’s how


The following video was made by Sophie, Karen and myself. We would probably use this with Key Stage 1 due to the nature of the song. It can help children learn about:

  • repetition
  • animals on a farm
  • noises of animals
  • jobs
  • rhyme and rhythm
  • storytelling

After having used this app I would definitely use it in schools. It is extremely accessible for all children and can help develop language skills as well as ICT skills.


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