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Final session for ICT. During this lesson the class peer reviewed each others blogs and also looked at the resources in the resource bank. I had a look at Rachael’s blog and noted down some key themes. I left feed back on her site and mentioned about the use of iPads. I now feel quietly confident in using ICT or rather Computing in schools.

The following groups shared their resources and suggested ways to use them whilst in a classroom.

Rebecca, Amber, Chloe and Collette chose an activity that would support story writing. Amber had used this activity whilst in a placement and so was able to offer first-hand experience in using it. The activity offered a selection of titles. The children were able to choose a title and then write about it. The titles had also been hyperlinked so the children could listen to the sounds and develop more ideas. To take this activity outside the classroom the titles offered allowed this, such as ‘woods’, the children could then visit a wood nearby to develop their story writing.

This could easily be adapted and the titles change to suit the current topic in class. I would use this activity during a literacy lesson. It gives the children the freedom to choose something that they can relate to rather than being told the subject by the teacher. This will make the work more independent and pupil choice.

Alice and Hannah gave ideas for progression within computing. They planned the structure of resources that could be used from EYFS to KS2. The information was very informative but did not show links to various sites that could be used. If links are made available this would be a very helpful resource when it comes to thinking of ideas for teaching. I hope they are able to add to their resource.

Ben, Gemma and Sophie decided on a topic ‘Pirates’. They then suggested a vast variety of activities, websites, stories, video’s that could all be used when planning for this topic. It was very informative and imaginative. Planning for cross curriculum activities was also mentioned. This resource was endless and would be very beneficial if the topic arose.

Serena, Marlene, Lindsay and Sarah decided to show how the ‘green screen’ app could be used within a classroom. They used the iPad touch cast app to develop this idea. Their theme was space, so they used puppets with a moon background to tell a story. One of the difficulties they found was the fact the iPad is quite heavy to hold while doing long screen shots and they felt it would be unsuitable for younger children to do. Although the resource looked interesting I felt that a lot of input would be needed for children in EYFS and maybe yr1 of KS1. Additional staff would need to be involved when trying to use in the classroom.

Lottie, Abbie, Stacey and Rosie also tried the green screen app on the iPad. Their resource suggested that the children would pick a theme and then try using the green screen app to make a small video. Again similar situations arose such as weight of iPad and staffing issues. A selection of titles would need to be offered to the children in order for them to make a choice. A finished video would be beneficial to show them first in order for them to understand what it is they are trying to make.

Myself, Rachael, Ellen and Kat used a variety of sites to create our resource bank. Our theme as mentioned in the previous blog was ‘Autumn’. We managed to cover most of the curriculum within our resources and felt that anybody could print it off and use it. The rest of the class said that they felt it was a resource that they would use, which gave me hope in the planning of computing, whilst at placement next year.

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Hi Tracey,

I really like how you have summarised everyone’s explorations for this session. It’s always interesting to see what everyone else has explored.

Having explored the green screen app in my group, with limited success, it’s good to see that others had more luck when using this app in the session. As you have said, with support, I think that this use of technology would be a fantastic addition to topics covered from the Early Years and beyond…

Its lovely to see how you now feel more confident in using ICT/Computing in schools. I also feel the same, and that our ICT sessions have definitely helped me in doing this.


Hi Collette,
Glad you enjoyed my comments for session 6. I now feel able to teach a lesson on ICT/computing following our sessions at University.
Had you used/seen many of the tools we experimented with during our sessions whilst in placements? I haven’t had much exposure to ICT at my placements, due to the fact that most where tiny village schools with little budget. I hope my next one will have a better selection of computers!

Hi Tracey,

That’s great news! Once I had refreshed/revisited the topic, I feel that I would also be able to do the same.

I have seen a real mixture of ICT use in my placements. Some of the best has been whilst I was in Nursery! The children loved using the iPads and computers and learnt how to print photographs etc. I was suprised at how quickly they were able to connect to the ideas, and it was lovely to see their enthusiasm.

On placement I have used some of the things that we have explored in sessions, including: iPads, Cameras, BeeBots and programmes similar to Purple Mash.
I once spent some time supporting children with learning how to email, which they loved! This was done through their virtual learning environment, which ensured they were safe and only connecting with those they knew.

Have you had any different experiences?


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