Session 5 Beyond the classroom


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This session looked at taking technology outside either by bringing visitors in or exploring places that children wouldn’t normally see. Apps and sites are available for children to visit places online without them actually going. The class looked a variety of different sites and apps. During the session I looked into the site called ‘Espresso’. This site used very simple basic commands for the children to follow. It also had a commentary to follow at the beginning to show how the application worked.  As an introduction to simple programming, which is now part of the new national curriculum,   this website is useful. I did feel however that after the initial 2 lessons the activity was very similar and I felt that it would become boring to children.

Other options available; 3D shapes, this allows the children to take photos and then add speech bubbles to bring them to life. So, they are able to take photos of obscure things such as vegetables and create a scene around them. This could be very beneficial for creating stories during a cross curriculum activity. This is an application that I would attempt to use during a lesson as it is very open ended and the children can decided how to complete the activity. I found this blog site, iPad apptivities,  that shows you how to complete the activities.


The session also looked at sites that enable children to write stories in 6 slides, which looked interesting but did not have time to look at it. Some of the group looked at QR codes,on pinterest   , the children choose an object and then hold the iPad over it and create a QR code. The codes can then be joined together for others to try and follow. They can make maps of their local area, classroom and school or at home.

A copy of a QR code from google images.

During the session I also looked at the Kodable app available on Apple’s iTune site,  this activity was very basic, no words but very colourful characters.

One application that I found  interesting was eTwinning,  this app allows schools to join together when learning about different topics. They are able to blog about what they have been learning and pass this information onto other schools. This enables shared learning in a broader sense. The children are also able to talk about what they have learnt and then the other children can replay and listen to the information. During my employment as a TA my class learnt about Australia. They could only communicate via emails and with the time difference this caused delays. Using this app the children would be able to listen to what the children had replied and make the sessions more interactive. I would like to use this when I have my own class but especially with a class from a different country.

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Hi Tracey,
It was really useful to read about the different software you explored during this session and how beneficial these would be for children. I also looked at Kodable and I thought the bright colours and characters would appeal to children. It seemed like a useful tool for introducing young children to programming. I have very limited experiences with using technology beyond the classroom. Have you seen any examples of this?

Hi Kat, No I haven’t seen much ICT being used in many of my placements. My next placement is also a small village school so not sure if they will have the facilities to carry out an ICT/computing session. I do now feel able to carry out a lesson following our sessions at University, do you?

Hi Tracey,
Like you, I have also had limited experiences. My best ICT experiences were in my 2a placement where they had iPads as well as computers. My next placement school is quite a small school so I’m not sure what there ICT facilities will be like, I am hoping they have many ICT facilities as this is something my Research Project is based on!
I do feel like I could carry out an ICT lesson, I have learnt a great deal during our ICT sessions at Uni and I feel these have really helped increase my knowledge of ICT software available for young children.

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