Session 4 Digital Technology


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Session 4

Digital technology

During this session we looked at themes to be used across the curriculum using digital technology. Once a theme has been identified, planning can then be based upon the main ideas. We looked at various tools that will help in completing plans for the curriculum. The list seemed to be endless and time to look at them was limited. We therefore decided to choose just one tool each and see what we could find. I decided to use purple mash; this website enables you to cover lots of the curriculum areas. Our group; Tracey, Kat, Ellen and Rachael decided on the theme autumn, I managed to find within purple mash a literacy lesson that was based upon writing autumn sentences. I then used the site to write autumn poems and draw firework pictures.


This part of the site allowed you to choose various leaves from the right-hand side and then write your own poem underneath. These can then be printed off and displayed on the wall.

The purple mash application also allowed you to click and drag the pictures about autumn or conkers. The children can write about both topics these  can be printed off to display or talk about in the classroom.

The firework picture was created by choosing different coloured pens and making squiggles on the picture. The pens also came in sparkly fluorescent colours which gave a touch of realism to the picture. For mathematics I decided to look the site nrich.

‘Encourages mathematical thinking and reasoning’

This activity involved putting lots of autumn objects in a bag and the children touching and describing what the object it. These can be things such as leaves, small pumpkins, conkers, acorns, fir cones and miniature animals such as hedgehogs/squirrels. This is a great activity to help children use descriptive mathematical language such as smooth, corners, small, light, heavy and big.

All these websites would be great to use as an activity in the classroom.

Our group also added the activities to the resource bank.

I have found the resource bank a great way to share ideas. The resources are ready to use in a classroom when trying to cover so many different topics.






















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Hi Tracy! Creating a bank of resources that can be used within a topic is a very clever idea! This will save you so much time when it comes to planning (let’s hope you do the Autumn topic in schools!). You have found some lovely resources on PurpleMash, although it’s something that I personally have not explored it great depth. Is there many differentiated ideas? I was looking at the Infant Encyclopedia, maybe these websites could work together as they both offer a huge range of topic based ideas.

Hi Stacey,
Thanks for the comments. I am not sure about differentiation but I think it would be relatively easy to do ourselves when planning. I really enjoyed using PurpleMash and would definitely use it again. I prefer topic based ideas as it is easier to find ideas. The internet offers a huge variety of applications to use. Previous placements have been very limited in terms of ICT lessons, hopefully my next one will have more provision for me to plan a lesson!

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