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Posted by Tracey | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on April 1, 2013

So after 3 sessions our ICT for Year 2 is over. After successfully watching everybody’s trailers and understanding how ICT can be used during placements, I feel well equipped to try things out. Although some schools do not have the same resources as others, there is still a lot that can be done with limited equipment. The use of cameras is particularly an element of ICT which I will be hoping to try during my next placement.


After visiting Ted talk website, which was developed in 1984, it  highlighted the need to bring technology, entertainment and design together. It is designed to inspire conversations, exchange opinions and spread worthwhile ideas. involves inspiring thinkers and innovators who speak about their products and then these are shown around the world. This enables great ideas to be seen and implemented by lots of people. The site can be located from

Ofsted offer professional development guides for ICT in Primary schools. These documents available from   explain in different sections about activities and questions that teachers can discuss. The first part questions what characteristic needed in order to have effective teaching in ICT. It is very thorough and makes you question what the teacher has been doing prior to reading this document; giving guidance on how to improve the teaching of ICT.

During our sessions we looked at digital cameras and there uses. An article on using digital images; explains why digital cameras should be used. It explains that children are at the centre of their learning, there is instant feed back or them to respond to. It should be motivating and engaging in order to meet the learning objectives. Children will feel valued and develop a strong sense of self. It personalises their learning and helps to develop their language which can be a valuable tool for sharing and communicating.

Digitals cameras can develop the child’sCLL, creativity and composition. It helps build confidence and self-esteem (PSED) and also fine motor skills along with co-ordination.  The cameras can also encourage discussions, decision making, reviewing and evaluating of the child’s work. They are also useful for document a child’s work and then printing off for evidence.